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Reasons Why it is Necessary to Purchase Personal Protective Equipment

For both the day laborers and the skilled laborers, safety is a critical issue to them. Most of the disasters that occurs in the industries that deals with construction is due to failure to wear the personal protective equipment or do not have them at all. PPE protects the laborers from either health or safety risk that might occur in their place of work. There are many advantages of possessing such equipment because they help minimize exposure to dangers for the workers. Among the many PPE available, some of them include protective helmets, eye protection, safety harnesses, respiratory protection and safety footwear among others. The following are some of the top reasons why personal protective equipment are crucial.

Head protection is one of the essentials of PPE. In the construction site one of the most personal protective equipment you will always come across is hard hats. Preventing the flying and the falling objects in the contraction site is the work of the hard hats. Some available hard hats generally contain face shield and earmuffs accessories. A fitting hard hat is the appropriate personal protective equipment for use.

In addition to the head protection, personal protective equipment help in eye and face protection. Among the critical equipment that is used as a face and eyes protection are safety goggles, spectacles, and full-face shields. General laborers, hot-work, air tool operations and wood-work are some of the tasks where the employee requires such personal protective equipment.

By wearing own guard equipment you ensure your skin, as well as hands, are protected. When the building, hands are mostly used. A significant number of injuries are reported annually. Illnesses like dermatitis and skin cancer as well as other diseases of the skin are the second common and very costly to treat. To protect the skin adequately; it is advisable to protect your hands using the gloves. Gloves widely sued to protects the hands are heat-resistant gloves, cut-resistant gloves as well as rubber gloves. The hazards that may arise when using chemicals, sheet metal or slippery objects can be avoided using these gloves.

By using the protective gear, you also ensure your ears are secure. Industrial the sound is mostly lowered as an occupational hazard since it is invisible to the eye. However a significant number of people are exposed to nearly harmful noise levels every year. Eighty two percent of the people working in the manufacturing department typically suffer from hearing loss according to research.

Regulations that govern noise exposure have been established by the powers that deal with health and safety. The noise is supposed to be decreased to 8 dBA for a maximum of eight hours according to the regulations. This reduces the occupational noise-induced hearing loss. Protection devices such as earplugs and earmuffs are also used as protective tools. In the reduction of high-frequency noise earmuffs are the most effective. On the other hand, to reduce low-frequency noise, the most effective tool to use is earplugs.

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