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A Clear Guide on Writing an Authors Bio

An author can be basically be described as a person who is the creator of any original written content. Many authors have written many different books present in the market. Book writing for the authors may be influenced by some factors such as writing so as to realize profits, doing it as a hobby and some write due to past or present life experiences. There has been a rendezvous increase in the number of readers. This translates to greater pressure on the authors to write more books so as to meet the market demand. The authors should include their biography in their books either as a part or as a whole. Authors write their bio either on the first part of their book or the last parts. The author should strive to write a good bio so as to give a good impression of them to the readers. In this article you will find more info on the tips that every author must have so as to write a good bio.

Bragging is allowed when writing a biography by the authors. The readers are likely to be moved by the great achievements made by the authors thus may positively impact their lives. Although it is not good to exaggerate on one’s achievements, writers should stick to the realistic personal achievements they have achieved not talking about some imaginary things.

A writer should always refer themselves in the third person. This is based on the pronoun use so as to give the reader some virtual reality when reading it as it will sound as if the bio is being read to them. It makes the bio look and sound spicier when reading it.

The awards achieved by the author in their writing career should be highlighted. It should, however, be noted that these awards should be credible and not a mere scam. The should only include the awards related to their writing careers. This creates much relevance for the reader when reading it as they are only interested in the writing skills of the author and not on other personal life.

To add to the biography is a quality picture of the author is needed. This is because the bio is based on a person life so there should be a picture to show the person the bio is talking about. However, it should be noted that the quality of the photograph should be of high quality thus an author should look for a good photographer to take the picture.

When listing the publications of the book it is important to note that the title should always be italicized and no quotation marks should be placed. This part should always be parenthesized.

It should accommodate changes. It is always good to keep the bio updated so as to make it more detailed on the personal achievements and also to give it more relevance.

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