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Services Offered By A Custody Lawyer

Lawyers that work with parental guardians to persuade a court that their client is better fit to take care of a child is referred to as a custody lawyer. The charges of lawyers that work with parental guardians to persuade a court that their client is better fit to take care of a child are either paid by the hour or have a flat fee. Some ways have been realized in proving the parent is unfit to raise the child. Reviewing the requirements in your state is done by custody lawyers who visit state courts websites or online service providers and also conduct research to determine if the parent is unfit by checking on family and juvenile codes. The next step is to gather evidence that proves the parent is unfit and they include photographs, video and audio files of physical or verbal abuse, medical files documenting injuries, the parents criminal record and direct correspondence between petitioner and the other parent.

Evidence that is strong and unbiased is required in order to rule a parent unfit as courts tend to protect the parent-child relationship and will not rule a parent unfit without concrete evidence. An appointment with a medical and mental profession needs to be scheduled so as to evaluate the child and its dependent on the court’s ruling. Apart from the court’s ruling a child may require both parents consent in order to evaluate the child. The appropriate forms are downloaded by custody lawyers from the appropriate state court websites or an online documentation provider. Petition for custody form or a motion to modify child custody order are the forms downloaded by custody lawyers.

General information such as parental contact, related court cases, current living arrangement, child’s name, birth date and reason for petition or modification are filled in order to complete the form. Not only does the form require one to fill in general information but also the grounds of unfitness claim are also included and the evidence complied to substantiate your claim after which its signed and copies of the form made.

State regulations determine whether the case is either family or juvenile case in which its done when the forms are filed including any attachments and sent to the appropriate court. Reviewing the service process rules for the relevant court is done by custody lawyers.

Custody lawyers who have good communication skills are able to give strong conviction to the judge and the jury during their defense. Also custody lawyers need to have good people skills by acquiring over the years in their course work and practical’s in which they are able to relate well with different clients. Thus accessibility is important to clients so as to ensure their case is handled with urgency. Custody attorneys who are caring are required when handling a client’s case.

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