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Films and stories usually apply various writing strategies. They are used to attract the readers and increase their interest in the story. Certain writing strategies applied to ensure the readers enjoy the story. One of the strategies is having an eye-catching opening line. Not all people are interested to read your story, which means that your opening sentence should be captivating. A good opening sentence will ensure that the reader keeps on reading the story if the opening line is interesting.

Your story needs to have a sense of direction. The first paragraph should show the reader which direction the story is heading to. The readers should be able to anticipate what to expect ahead by reading the first paragraph. The reader should be able to imagine what lies ahead in the story and what comes next. This paragraph should be creative, but the most important thing is that it should be vivid. Write with some form of tone sincerity. Authentic stories are considered the best by readers. They need a story that portrays human interaction. You should ensure that you convey your message passionately.

Speak to your audience when writing your story. Decide the type of audience you are targeting before writing your story. Decide whether the story you are writing is for an old or a young audience. Having this information will help you to communicate to a specific audience as what you are writing suits them. Always prepare an outline. The main aim of the outline is to ensure that you know what to write in each paragraph. If you have an outline, you will not get confused when writing your story because it will guide you.

Your story needs to have an open dialogue. When writing your article, create a situation where the reader feels as if he is communicating with the author. Always enjoy what you are writing. Enjoying what you write is an important writing strategy that people do not consider. If you are not enjoying what you’re writing it is difficult for you to write a high-quality piece. The attitude that you use to write will be portrayed in the story.

Timing is another writing strategy that people overlook. A good way to ensure that you write an original piece to a story that is in the headlines is to spin it. Oversaturation of the internet has been caused due to many writers. All writers are looking for an opportunity to write on the most trending topics. The only way to ensure that your article does not become a punchline is by spinning it and making it look unique. The writing strategies mentioned above will ensure that you write an interesting paper.

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